Ainsworth Spence

Ainsworth is a dynamic trade unionist who is currently serving a three-year term as Vice President at the Canadian Labour Congress Representing Workers of Colour. He is passionate about defending workers’ rights and the promotion of fairness and equity. Ainsworth is a strong advocate of making the labour movement more inclusive and diverse. His vision is to see more workers of colour and those from marginalized and disenfranchised communities attain more leadership roles. He is a leader and an activist on many fronts, such as being on the Toronto and York Region Labour Council Executive board and Co-chair of the Equity Committee. Ainsworth continues to educate and raise awareness on issues of human rights and equity to improve our workplaces, the labour movement, and our society. He is an emerging political activist having actively campaigned for the NDP during the 2014 and 2018 provincial elections and the federal election in 2019. Ainsworth is a Social Justice Capacity Builder at SEIU Healthcare—one of Canada’s largest Healthcare unions. In this role, he is responsible for designing programs and campaigns that advance social justice for all equity seeking groups. A focus is on racial and economic justice, which include strategies to close the wealth gap.

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