Brittany Andrew-Amofah

Brittany Andrew-Amofah is the Senior Policy and Research Analyst at the Broadbent Institute where she is responsible for setting the research and policy direction ofthe organization, and for managing the Broadbent Institute’s Fellow Program. She also provides regular political commentary to CBC News and other media outlets. Brittany’s work focuses on engaging those who’ve been excluded and disenfranchised from the Canadian political systemdue to system racism, colonization and the concentration of power. Most recently, she was on the policy team at the Maytree Foundation where her work focused on researching various pov- erty reduction strategies. A former Program Manager at Harmony Movement, she also served as a constituency assistant to Councillor Janet Davis, and worked six years in Toronto’s homelessness and housing sector. Brittany holds a BA with honours in Social Policy and Equity from York Univer-sity and a Master’s in Political Management from Carleton University.

Phone: 416-703-6607
Address: 2 Carlton St 1001, Toronto, ON, M5B 1J3

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