J. S-Quire Johnson

S-Quire has been developing and implementing social justice focused programs and initiatives within community agencies, for-profit businesses and educational institutions since 2012. Sourcing anti-racism/oppression frameworks, popular education techniques and multimedia resources, his work showcases his passion for diversity and inclusion, cultural identity awareness, empowering youth voices, and strengthening healthy families.

S-Quire co-founded The Fatherhood Initiative, a child-centred family service initiative, and is a Senior Consultant with ANKOBEA Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides educational, mentoring and parenting programs to African, Caribbean & Black children, families and communities.

He has conducted numerous anti-oppression and anti-racism presentations for the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, where he also served as the agency’s Community Advisory Committee Co-Chair.

As a facilitator at Harmony Movement, a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) education organization, S-Quire has developed and delivered engaging programs for students, teachers and administrators across Canada in the private, public & education sectors, focused on equity, anti-racism and healing through storytelling.

S-Quire has served as the Program Coordinator at Young and Potential Fathers, a culturally responsive family service agency that operates Ujima House, the first and only father-focused family resource centre in Canada.

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