Sanaa Ali-Mohammed

Sanaa is a community organizer and researcher with several years of experience challenging systemic racism and Islamophobia. Through her work, Sanaa aims to improve access to resources and power for racialized communities. 

Currently a researcher with Milieu Strategy and Consulting, Sanaa has previously worked in the philanthropic sector, managing and redesigning programs for young and emerging Indigenous and Muslim leaders, as a political staffer, where she was instrumental in designating a Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia at the City of Toronto, and at OCASI, where she led the first phase of a province-wide capacity building strategy which trained over 700 settlement workers across Ontario.

Sanaa's journey as a human rights advocate began during the 2015 federal election, where her project, aimed at shifting how young Muslims interact with electoral politics, planted the seeds for the Muslim Youth Fellowship. Sanaa holds an MA in Development Studies from York University and an HBA from the University of Toronto.

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