Should we be sending police to someone in a mental health crisis? To survivors of domestic abuse or sexual violence? To monitor routine traffic infractions?

We don’t think so. So what’s the right response?

The current response has been the surveillance, harassment, and overcriminalization of Black, Indigenous, and racialized communities – and it needs to stop.

Creating a new emergency service can better serve the needs of the community. It can also keep the police from being stretched too thin, and in too many directions.

Our goal is to create a service that can de-escalate situations and address problems that police can’t fix, like mental health crises, homelessness, and gender-based violence.

We can build it by reinvesting a portion of the billions of dollars currently spent on police funding—but we need your help to get it.

City hall is finally paying attention. Local municipal budgets for 2021 will be decided soon. Join millions calling for a common-sense solution to the over-policing problem in the GTA.

Sign if you agree.