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Neethan Shan, Executive Director

“What a year it has been! Thanks to the support of our many incredible donors, sponsors, board members, staff and volunteers, UARR was able to implement many incredible initiatives. In partnership with CRRF, we hosted a hugely successful 2nd annual Racial Justice Summit. We were able to complete three full cohorts for the Diversity Youth Fellowship programs, highlighting the potential of the Black, Muslim, Filipino & Tamil youth. We hosted an informative and impactful Back to Basics Conference, focusing on equity-related issues within Ontario School Boards. We provided tools and resources to support newcomers in their settlement and integration. With the work of our many volunteers, we were able to begin the Racial Justice Policy Hub which provides readers an insight on issues and policies that pertain to health, justice, education and media. These mark just a few of the various programs we had put into action.

While we are very grateful to have been able to deliver these programs and initiatives, we are well aware that our work is not yet over. UARR is looking ahead with new goals, strategic planning, and faith in our collective alliance to fight against racial injustice. Thank you all for such an amazing 2021! We hope to continue to receive your support in the new year. 

Help us end this year on an exciting note by joining us in recognizing and celebrating some inspirational organizations and individuals that played a significant role in advocating for racial justice.”



Racial Justice Awards 2021 - December 15th

The Racial Justice Awards is an annual celebration hosted by UARR to honour and acknowledge the incredible work being done by racial justice advocates across Canada. This year, the Racial Justice Awards will be held on

Wednesday, December 15th 2021 at 6:00pm - 8:00pm EST.

Click below to register for the event. We look forward to having you there with us!

If you would like to contribute to sponsoring this year's Racial Justice Awards, please e-mail [email protected] for a sponsorship package.

Equity in Education Forum - December 9th

The Equity in Education Forum is an opportunity to hear from and engage with our local grassroots campaigns: UARR, ONABSE, CASSA, CCNC and TCCCA, working to bring systemic change within the school boards in the GTA. The Equity in Education Forum will be held on

Thursday, December 9th at 6:00pm - 8:00pm EST.

Register now to join the discussion, hear from experts, and learn how to become a part of the change.


Muslim Youth Fellowship

On Friday Oct 29th, the Muslim Youth Fellowship celebrated Islamic Heritage Month with the fellows and guests. The fellows introduced themselves, discussed their placements, and shared their community project ideas. We heard from guest speakers Habon Ali and Ruby Latif, two well-known and accomplished activists in the Muslim community, as they shared their personal stories and words of inspiration for the fellows. Councillor Mike Layton also attended and spoke about the significance of the Muslim Youth Fellowship and what it meant for his office. We are so grateful to those who support the MYF and were happy to celebrate with all those who came.

Black Youth Fellowship

The Black Youth Fellowship has selected 10 fellows for the next cohort starting training in the new year. Fellows will be prepared to begin their placements in February 2022.

Racial Justice Policy Hub

The Racial Justice Policy Hub works to influence structural changes federally, provincially, and municipally through advocacy and knowledge mobilization! The Racial Justice Policy Hub is composed of volunteers who are interested in racial justice, research, and policy change. They are researching issues and policies that pertain to health, justice, education, government, employment, and media. Click below to read some of the excellent pieces on our website, written by a few of our bright volunteers.




Work at UARR

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Your support during these difficult times has been incredibly impactful. Thank you for staying connected with us.

We are counting on your contributions to keep our programs running. Help us continue to promote racial equity within our communities.


In Solidarity,

Urban Alliance on Race Relations


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