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Neethan Shan, Executive Director

Urban Alliance on Race Relations is passionately working towards addressing racial injustice and discrimination across Toronto, aiming to eliminate barriers and improve quality of life for all individuals. We continue to develop initiatives and events to raise awareness about the issues that impact our communities. We also encourage all of our supporters to participate in any capacity to act and advocate for the elimination of all forms of discrimination. Together, we can fight racism and make a difference in the lives of many individuals. 

Our ambitious fellows continue to work alongside members of the Toronto City Council to learn and engage in governance-related work. They are also nearing the completion of their community projects, which cover a diverse range of issues related to discrimination. We also encourage you to read the informative pieces written by our Racial Justice Policy Hub volunteers to stay informed about various important issues emerging from racial inequities.   

Please read on to learn about our upcoming events, current projects, job opportunities, and how to get involved in some of our initiatives.


Our Event!

Breaking Down Employment Barriers and Uplifting Voices of Racialized Youth Event on April 13, 2022

On April 13, 2022, The Diversity Youth Fellowship at UARR presented the 'Breaking Down Employment Barriers and Uplifting Voices of Racialized Youth' event. This event focused on uplifting voices of racialized youth in decision-making spaces. 

We thank all of our supporters who were able to attend the DYF event on April 13th. The event was a great success! 




Change. Motivation. Ambition.

The Ongoing Journey of Our Diversity Youth Fellows

The Black and Tamil Youth fellows from our Diversity Youth Fellowship programs are nearing the end of their placements and would soon be completing their community projects. Since February, 13-14 fellows from these two programs have been working in the offices of members of the Toronto City Council, learning and engaging in municipal governance/political work. We are looking forward to also welcoming the latest cohorts of the Muslim and Filipino Youth Fellowship programs and embarking on a similar journey!

Filipino Youth Fellowship

Our recruitment team has selected the list of fellows and are currently in the onboarding process. For next steps, the fellows will be undergoing orientation and training to equip them for their Councillor's Aide placements beginning May 15, 2022. Please keep an eye out for more information on our program launch and introduction to our fellows. 

Black Youth Fellowship

The Black Youth fellows are now entering their last month of their placement and wrapping up their community projects. They had a training session Community Advocacy & Organizing led by Sandy Hudson to support our fellows with the execution of their community projects. Their projects range from issues related to anti-Black racism and Islamophobia, gun violence, student housing, newcomer services, and much more. They are set to complete their placement at the end of April, followed by a graduation event in May to celebrate their accomplishments in the program!  

Become a Part of the Change!

Expanding from the 4 Diversity Youth Fellowship programs we have been running, we are in the process of initiating our Policy Youth Fellowship program where we hope to place youth in 4 additional sectors: the environment, legal, arts, and public policy sectors. Although applications have closed for this cycle (April-August), applications will reopen in the summer for the next cycle of the program so stay tuned! 


Anti-Racism & Anti-Oppression Training Institute

We have scheduled our next professional development workshops, with the leadership teams at UHN. In the next few months, we will also be rolling out professional development sessions with the research teams at UHN. This month, we will also be supporting PATAC (Philippine Advancement Through Arts and Culture) with a learning session for their members of systemic issues affecting Filipino youth for their Anti-Racism Project.

Racial Justice Policy Hub- An Emerging Movement

The Racial Justice Policy Hub compiles written pieces from volunteers at Urban Alliance on Race Relations researching issues and policies that pertain to health, justice, education, and media. The volunteers have been disseminating information on our social media about issues regarding access to healthcare, intersectionality, defunding the police, misrepresentation in the media, employment, justice, and environmental racism to name a few.

Take a look at the excellent articles and infographics from some of our brilliant volunteers: https://www.urbanalliance.ca/racial_justice_policy_hub 


Your support during these difficult times has been incredibly impactful. Thank you for staying connected with us.

We are counting on your contributions to keep our programs running. Help us continue to promote racial equity within our communities.


In Solidarity,

Urban Alliance on Race Relations


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