Current Projects

We are currently working on 9 projects:

  • Racial Equity and Education – with the funding of Ontario Trillium Foundation, we will be working with Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA), Ontario Alliance of Black School Educators, Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto, and Tamil Canadian Centre for Civic Action to engage in two years of groundwork for systemic change in education policy, while engaging with organizations of racialized communities.
    Youth Racial Justice Summit On Education From November 14th to15nd, 2020, we will host 4 sessions .  Offering this fully online this year, we anticipate over 400 participants. 
  • Diverse Youth Fellowship: A non-partisan program, the Youth Fellowship provides politically motivated students the opportunity to complement their academic studies with hands-on experience working with an elected government representative, to help ensure that the substance, shape and details of what Toronto’s government decides better reflects community experiences. Please visit the Youth Fellowship website for more information. 


  • Anti-Racism & Anti-Oppression Training Institute – A formalized resource to provide broad and customized ARAO training and workshops for different audiences and themes, policy and program reviews for whole or parts of organizations, and public education to general public.


  • Museum of Anti-Racism - With $50 000 seed funding from Clorox Canada Company, we're working to document 50 years of activism through a virtual museum, including the history of racism (policies, incidents, reports),
    Anti-Racism, and Anti-Black Racism(court cases, campaigns, activists, organizations, policy change etc.), and the creation of 100 lesson plans and 25 workshop modules.


  • Reclaiming Our Narrative – We shape our own narrative and strive to educate through media interviews, training & monitoring, our online media (social media, podcast, eupdates), weekly online shows, and blogs from the team. In 2021, we will also be released a quarterly print summarizing our work. 


  • Racial Equity Awards – In this annual event at the end of the year, we recognize 6 to 10 annual awards for Racial Equity changemakers in Health, Labour, Government, Education, Media, and Justice, as well as an UARR Agent of change. This event will be hosted online. 

Racial Justice Awards


  • Access To Justice – These initiatives include policing budget, reform, training, and complaint systems, as well as protecting and expanding legal aid, legal defence funds, legal interventions, and educational law reforms. 


  • REBuild Initiative – This entails youth-led research and consultation work to assure that the voices of racialized communities are heard as various levels of government respond to COVID-19, including the City of Toronto - TORR Office, Province of Ontario - Disaggregated Data Collection & ARD office, Government of Canada - ARS office & Equity Task Force, and School Boards and Learning Gap Support. We are working on a Scarborough-based model for racial equity in recovery, and are working with funders to ensure grants reach racialized communities. 

What about Scarborough? Racial Justice in our COVID-19 Recovery - Watch the event here!

  • Racial Justice Policy Hub – With close to 100 volunteers interested in research & policy change, we hope to influence structural changes in ARS Federally, ARD Provincially, and Municipal policies in the GTA.
    Topics will include employment, health, justice, education, and environmental racism.


Phone: 416-703-6607
Address: 2 Carlton St 1001, Toronto, ON, M5B 1J3

Special Thanks to Our Funding Partners

  • Ontario Trillium Foundation
  • Status of Women Canada